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Voting Coming October 1st

The Fan Art Contest voting will begin October 1st! All of the photos sent in now appear on this page and anyone who is interested can vote on the winner starting October 1st. The winner will receive a $25 AMAZON GIFT CARD and will have their photo printed in the Winter Edition 2021 of Clean Fiction Magazine. The TOP 6 (the winner is included in the 6) will also be printed in the Winter Edition along with the characters name and the book where the character comes from. Voting will conclude October 31, 2021.

May the BEST Book Fan Art Win!


Fan Art 1

Artist: Crystal Pham

Character: Laura Ingalls 

Book: Little House On The Prairie

Author: Laura Ingalls Wilder 


Fan Art 2

Artist: Lisa Loucks Christenson

Character: Valentine in Ague & Fever


Author: Lisa Loucks Christenson


Fan Art 3

Artist: Noelle Nichols

Characters: Naruto and Kilo

Book: Naruto is from the manga/anime series Naruto, and Kilo is from my own book series: The Shadow's Creed Saga. Naruto was one of the characters who inspired my own series, so it's a very meaningful illustration to me. I took inspiration from the last volume cover of Naruto and then drew in my character, Kilo. 

Author: Masashi Kishimoto and Noelle Nichols