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This popular contest will return for our Spring Edition 2023. The winner is featured on the cover of the Winter Edition 2022. Will your image be the next cover of Clean Fiction Magazine?

What Are The Requirements?

1) The artwork must include bold color blocking. This makes the cover easier to enjoy when it is displayed in a tiny format, such as on a person’s phone. View past Clean Fiction covers for the preferred style, but feel free to use this style loosely. 

2) The artwork must include a figure in modest attire. This could be a man, woman, or creature. 

Obviously, if the figure is a creature, only humanoid creatures must wear modest attire.


3) The theme of the Spring Edition cover is “New Life”. This topic is as broad as you would like to make it. Feel free to be as creative with it as you’d like. The border will be a medium purple.

And, that’s it! We wanted to leave the requirements as broad as possible in order to give artists the opportunity to flex their creative muscles. Depending on the number of entries, all entrants or staff-chosen finalists will be displayed for the Clean Fiction Community to vote on a winner.



How Do I Enter?

The submission period is January 30th-February 11th. Email your submission to along with the following information: Your Name, The Name of the Artwork, Social Media Handle/Art Website, and an Email Address (for contact purposes only). Voting will be February 13th-25th and the Grand Prize Winner will be announced along with the Cover Reveal on March 1st.


What is the Grand Prize? $50*


* Due to lack of Sponsors for the Winter Edition contest the prize has been decreased. You retain all rights to your image other than the use of the image as the cover of Clean Fiction Magazine. We reserve the right to reject a cover for any reason.

How do I become a Contest Sponsor?

We need sponsors! Sponsor this contest for only $25! There is a limit of 2 sponsors per contest at this time. With a sponsorship you receive: a website banner, mentions on social media, and your banner will be printed along with the contest in the upcoming edition.

Send your banner information, graphics, business name, and contact information to to see what sponsorships are open for the Spring Edition 2023.

The information gathered for the contest will only be used for the purposes of the contest and will not be sold to anyone else. For the small print follow the link below:



  • Cover Design Contest Submissions
    Mon, Jan 30
    Jan 30, 7:00 PM – Feb 11, 7:00 PM
  • Cover Art Contest Voting
    Mon, Jan 30
    Jan 30, 7:00 PM – Feb 11, 7:00 PM
    This contest is sponsored by Peacock Books & Wildlife Art where you can find books & photographs curated & produced by Lisa Loucks-Christenson ( and Author Joan Fennell Carringer, fast-moving stories with sweet romance and a touch of humor (
  • Writing Contest Winner Announced
    Fri, Feb 10
    Feb 10, 7:00 PM
    This Contest is Sponsored By Ambassador International (Books that Magnify the Lord Jesus Christ) at and Strangers and Aliens, a Podcast Exploring Faith and Imagination, at (Facebook & YouTube).
  • Cover Design Contest Voting
    Mon, Feb 13
    Feb 13, 7:00 PM – Feb 25, 7:00 PM
  • Cover Reveal: And They All Bow Down by Nicki Chapelway
    Mon, Feb 20
    Feb 20, 7:00 AM
  • Spring Edition Cover Reveal
    Mar 01, 7:00 PM
    Who will design the next cover of Clean Fiction Magazine? Will it be YOU? Check out the Cover Design Contest!
  • Launch of the Spring Edition 2023
    Mar 20, 7:00 PM
  • Book Launch: An Apprentice of Death
    May 16, 11:00 PM
    She has no name; he doesn’t remember his past. Together they might have ruled the world. If only she hadn’t been sent to kill him.
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