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Why Levels of Clean?

Let us start with a little bit of general information before we jump into the rating system. When I decided to call this magazine “Clean Fiction” I knew that I was opening a proverbial “can of worms”, but I wanted the title to be clear and easy to understand. What is the problem with calling it “Clean Fiction”? Everyone has their own definition of “clean” and that definition may or may not match up with mine or my reviewers. To alleviate this problem, I have created a quirky rating system that should keep you informed while giving you a giggle. This rating system paired with descriptive, yet spoiler free reviews, should give you all the information that you need to decide if a book is for you or a bit too much. - ALM

You will find a more concise version of the information in this part of the listing.


NOTHING to worry about. Read this to your infant with a clean conscience.

This is not meant to be taken literally. The N rating is the cleanest of the clean. These books could be read by teens or the ultra-clean book lover in your life. The books in this category CAN still include magic and romantic themes. Be sure to check the full review if you are sensitive to these things. All the following categories could include magic, romantic themes, violence, strong language, and non-Christian religions, but all of these will be specified in the reviews.

Could be read by teens, may include magic and romantic themes, Does not include violence, strong language, and non-Christian religions.


Showing some ANKLE. A perfect book for the puritan in your life.

The A rating is for books that are mild on the romance, mild on the violence, and most likely to exhibit positive worldviews. This is an “easy reader” book category that can include an adventure that is not too suspenseful. There may be warnings about specific scenes in these books due to the “3 strikes” rule we have for reviews, but these will be noted in the reviews themselves. If you are wondering about the “3 strikes” rule, read on. If not, feel free to jump to the next rating.

The “3 strikes” rule of reviews in “Clean Fiction” magazine means that a book can contain up to 3 scenes/occurrences that may not fit into their rating category before jumping to the next category. If the scenes/occurrences are bad enough, a book can be disqualified from being reviewed. Anything of this nature will be noted in the review.

May include mild romance and violence, Can include adventure, but without much suspense, an easy reader.


Clutch your PEARLS. Grandma may raise an eyebrow, but keep on reading.

As the name implies, the P rating is where the action begins. This is the sweet spot between ALL the action and NO action at all. When I say action I mean: fight sequences, suspense, tense moments where lives are on the get the picture. Books with this rating can include magic, romantic themes, and some violence. The violence in these books is usually short lived or not explicitly explained. I don’t know about your grandma, but mine is always up for some adventure. So if you are looking for books that take you on a journey, you are more likely to find them in this category. That is not to say that the following categories do not have adventure, but this rating is where the suspense begins.

May include more action, magic, romance, and "short-lived" violence, Can employ more suspense.


Will make you GASP. Both eyebrows will be involved in reading this book.

The Clean Fiction G rating is nothing like a movie G rating. The G in this rating stands for “GASP”, not general audiences. This rating is where the rubber meets the road. Action. Adventure. Intrigue. Suspense. Many of the books in this magazine fall under this category due to fight sequences, more descriptive romantic plots, mild language, or mature themes. By mature themes I mean subjects like: abuse, marital relationships, and unwanted physical attention. If your eyebrows are headed to your hairline, let me pause your moment of panic. The above mentioned “mature themes” appear in these books with a light touch. This is your ACTION, then glance away type books. MOMENT, then fade to black. That is why it is labeled “GASP”.

This does not mean for general audiences, includes action, adventure, intrigue, and suspense. More violence is allowed as well as mild language and mature themes.


This is the Full BLUSH, People! If you are prone to fainting, you will need a fan!

Here it is. The highest rating that will be included in Clean Fiction. This is as close to the edge that we will go before a book is tossed over the line of “no review”. These books include: magic, marital relationships, abuse, unwanted physical attention, mild language, more graphic fight sequences, and non-Christian religions. Though these things can appear in other categories in a “one and done” situation, this category will have more of the above without going over the DB (DOUBLE BLINK) line. The romance will be spicy, but within the bounds of marriage. The fight sequences will be more graphic, but not so graphic that it will make you queasy. The mature themes will be more explicit without being too explicit. These books are for adults.

This is the highest rating included in the magazine, may include magic, marital relationships, abuse, unwanted physical attention, mild language, more graphic fight sequences, and non-Christian religions.


You must DOUBLE BLINK to clear your eyes from being contaminated.

Lastly, we have the DB rating. This category only appears here for the purposes of explaining what type of books/content you will NOT find in Clean Fiction. Banned content includes: descriptive sex scenes, violent gore, glorification of evil or evil practices, same gender partners, siblings that are a bit too friendly, random naked people flaunting their assets, all mentions of the pink fairy armadillo, any focus on errant eyebrow or ear hairs, the ‘tis bottle joke, jars of toe nail clippings, and the Bavarian Beer Festival. If the removal of these things is not enough to ease your mind, also know that we pray over and scrutinize what we share. We do our best to represent the full color of the Clean Fiction Community’s imagination while also upholding our personal beliefs. We sincerely hope that you can enjoy this safe space and allow these works of fiction to truly shine.

What our magazine will not include: descriptive sex scenes, violent gore, glorification of evil, same-gender partners, incest, naked people, and defamation of our Savior.

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