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What a Relief...

If you are reading this newsletter, the Summer Edition 2023 magazine is finished and has been sent to our Direct Ebook Subscribers and Patreon Subscribers. That can mean only one thing, the Summer Edition is DONE. Finished, proofread within an inch of its life, and out in the world for the select few that subscribed. If you would like to subscribe directly and receive an early copy of this quarter's magazine, visit our website under "Editions".

While I am typing this, I am waiting for Amazon to upload the paperback copy of the magazine. That means that it should be available soon as well! It will take time for Amazon to fully publish the paperback, but rest assured it will be BEFORE June 20th and I will let you know about it on Social Media.

I debated what I should say as the trying time of the last few months comes to a close, but I decided to leave you with the Summer Edition's official dedication because I think that it says it best.

I would like to dedicate the Summer Edition 2023 to our wonderful

group of reviewers. During a time when family obligations

took me away from my job at the helm, they kept us

floating. They didn’t leave me to bail water on my own and

went around busily filling any leaks with tar. Without their diligence,

the Summer Edition would NOT have happened. I have

never done this magazine completely on my own. Though

I haven’t even met our reviewers in person, I knew that my

Brothers and Sisters in Christ not only had my back but had

felt His call as well. As always our most important contributor is

our Lord and Savior. His provision has sustained me through

this stressful year and given me a purpose much greater than

myself. May we spread the light together, my friends, until the

bright morning star lives among us. Amen.

Preorder your Ebook copy of the Summer Edition 2023 today on Amazon (scheduled to release June 20th) OR Sign Up for a Yearly Ebook Subscription and receive your copy tomorrow!

May your day be bright and your reading be epic!

~ Amy Lynn McConahy, Clean Fiction Publisher

This Week's Community Activity:

Free Ebook Friday

Friday, June 9th - Autumn Edition 2022 - FREE Amazon Ebook

Friday, June 16th - Winter Edition 2022 - FREE Amazon Ebook

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