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Upcoming Deadlines

We have a lot of announcements and deadlines coming up in the next week. Check out the information below and don't miss a single opportunity!

APRIL 27th DEADLINE: Submissions for the Summer Cover Art Contest will go through April 27. (Submissions are completely FREE). Voting will begin April 29 and go through May 11. (Voting is also FREE). The winner will be announced May 16 in our Newsletter. See our website for the small print. This contest is sponsored by Author Jessica Bertrand (, Noble Worlds Press (, and Candle Realm Studio (

APRIL 30th DEADLINE: The Summer 2024 Windows into the Multiverse Contest is accepting submissions through April 30th (Submissions are completely FREE). Winners will be announced on May 9th. This Contest is Sponsored by the Strangers & Aliens Podcast ( and Author C.S. Wachter (

APRIL 26th OPPORTUNITY: Clean Fiction Magazine is sponsoring 6 episodes of the Blimey Cow Podcast. To celebrate, we will be having 4 Weeks of FREEBIES! Check the Weekly Community Activity below for dates and editions. Also, make sure you check out the April 26th Blimey Cow Podcast to show your support.

MAY 17th DEADLINE: Our advertising deadline for the Summer Edition 2024 is coming up on May 17th. We do not yet have 50% funding. We cannot continue to publish our magazine without your help! Please consider either becoming an advertiser, supporting Clean Fiction on Patreon, or directly supporting us with a Yearly Subscription.

May your day be bright and your reading be epic!

~ Amy Lynn McConahy, Clean Fiction Publisher

This Week's Community Activity:

4 Weeks of FREEBIES!

Mark your calendar for the following FREE Amazon Ebook Events! You can find ALL of our Editions at

April 26th - Clean Fiction: Summer Edition 2023

May 3rd - Clean Fiction: Autumn Edition 2023

May 10th - Clean Fiction: Winter Edition 2023

May 17th - Clean Fiction: Spring Edition 2024

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