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The Ebook is Coming!

It is time again for our weekly update! For the past couple of weeks, I have been posting information about the features we've included in the Spring Edition 2023 on social media, and I thought it was high time that I shared some of them here! Some of the features include: Stronghold (our new Science Fiction serial) by Nathaniel Caldwell, the next installment of Her Father's Mantle (by me ; D), a Rivers of Truth article by Lisa Loucks-Christenson, our writing contest winners, puzzles, cartoons, an article about the making of the cover, and Devotions from Christian Nerds Unite, Finding God in Video Games, Geek Devotions, and Finding God in Anime. These are not all of the features included, but some of the highlights I could pull off of the top of my head. And this list doesn't even include the reviews! At 136 pages, you will not want for fun things to read!

Do you love our magazine? GREAT! Share it with your local bookstore! As of right now, we have 5 distribution locations and we would be thrilled to add more. If you are interested in being a Clean Fiction Distributor, contact me via email (

Don't forget to mark your calendars for March 20th and the Spring Edition 2023 Ebook release! Only 4 days left!

Now for some more photos of the Spring Edition 2023 in the wild! These photos are from Bradley Caffee and Tony B. Richard. You can find Bradley at and Tony at If you would like your photo featured in this way, send it over via email or tag me on Facebook or Instagram!

The Windows into the Multiverse Writing Contest is back! Visit our website under "Contests" for more information about content and the submission period.

This Contest is Sponsored by Strangers and Aliens, a Podcast By Ben Avery Exploring Faith and Imagination, at (Facebook & YouTube).

May your day be bright and your reading be epic!

~ Amy Lynn McConahy, Clean Fiction Publisher

This Week's Community Activity:

FREE Ebook Fridays & Preorder On Amazon


March 17th - Autumn Edition 2022 - Free Ebook

March 24th - Spring Edition 2022 - Free Ebook

You can find them all here:

Clean Fiction Community Discord:

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I truly enjoy this magazine and get so anxious when a new one is about to be launched. It takes a little while, but I read it from cover to cover (then go back and read some more!). - Joan Carringer

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