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The Blog/Newsletter Has Moved

Not only has this newsletter moved to a different day: Thursday, but it has also moved past editions onto the website. That means that previous blogs can be found on or on Goodreads, but will no longer be accessible through

With that out of the way, I wanted to say how excited I am that things are moving forward to the finish. The paperback edition should be ready by the end of this week in order to be able to send paper editions to the several bookstores that are interested in carrying it. Once the paperback edition is done, I will be diving into the ebook edition to make the magazine scroll/swipe friendly. This will also mean two things: 1) There will be missing features in the ebook edition. 2) Various listings will not include the accompanying images. If you want the full "Clean Fiction" experience, you MUST purchase a paperback. If you want easy access to the written content, feel free to download the ebook. Once the ebook goes live on Amazon, it should price match Barnes & Noble at $0. I wish that the ebook and paperback editions could be the same, but the readability would not be there in the ebook.

I am working hard to make sure that everything is both the highest quality and on time. That is why I have been a bit spotty on social media. Do not fear! I am still here. Please, send up some prayers for my sanity as I sprint to the finish

This Week's Community Activity:

Check out the new event calendar at It will give you a sneak peak to up coming contests and NaNoWriMo holidays. Work on the Spring Edition 2022 has already begun. Feel free to submit your books and services via the website.

Past Newsletters/Blogs: or Goodreads

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