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The Anticipation is Killing Me

The last few weeks have been a crazy cacophony of finishing the Autumn Edition, sending my children to school for the first time, and a million other little life changes that would drive a person to indulge in too much caffeine. It was all worth it of course, but I am seriously playing a weighted game of "Catch-Up" at the moment. I know that many of you haven't yet been able to enjoy the new edition due to a preference for Ebook. Let me assure you that this Edition is chocked full of so much that it will probably take you several sittings to devour it all. I am so excited to share this growing publication with the Clean Fiction Community. Enjoy the Autumn Edition in the Wild photos below of those who have already received their paperback in the mail.

The Autumn Edition in the Wild

Bradley Caffee, Clean Fiction Author of "The Chase" managed to receive his copy of the Autumn Edition before I even had mine! You win, Bradley! (Instagram: bradleycaffeeauthor)

Crystal Pham took this lovely photo of the cover SHE DESIGNED! Check her out at treastured_by_c.pham on Instagram.

Daphne Self, Clean Fiction Author of "When Legends Rise" snagged her copy to celebrate her victory in the Windows into the Multiverse Writing Contest! (Instagram: authordaphneself)

I FINALLY managed to snag my own copy of the Autumn Edition the day AFTER Bradley. I always buy at least one magazine at full price so that I can have one of my own before everyone else, but I guess I can cede my win to Mr. Caffee this time.

May your day be bright and your reading be epic!

~ Amy Lynn McConahy, Clean Fiction Publisher

This Week's Community Activity:

Preorders Open and Paperbacks Available

The Ebook version of Clean Fiction: Autumn Edition 2022 is available for Preorder now and be available on September 20th. If you are itching for your copy early, feel free to purchase a paperback at $1 off ($15.99) the normal price ($16.99)! On September 20th, I will be raising the price to match the Spring Edition pricing. This means that I only earn 6 cents for each copy, but for me, it is worth it to offer you this deal! If you are interested in decreasing the price of Clean Fiction magazine, consider signing up for one of our Patreon Subscriptions ( My hope is that once we have enough subscribers I can have the magazines printed somewhere other than Amazon. This will support small businesses and sincerely decrease the price of each edition. Just a thought.

Direct Link:

Clean Fiction Community Discord:

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