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Thankful and Ready

What I set out to do last July 2021 has been completed. Me, along with the other reviewers, writers, artists, and proofreader, have donated hours of our time and energy to bring you not one but two beautiful publications in which all the advertising was completely FREE. My own father who has been in publishing since the 70's thought that I was crazy to give away so much of my time and effort, but now as I look upon what God has allowed me to build, I am in awe. In a time where everyone has been at least touched by struggle, we have been able to give back to help grow with those who are reaching out in God's name as well as those who can be reached by God's name. It has been a wild ride and not always enjoyable, but I am thankful that I was allowed to start this journey.

Now I am READY to take the next step forward. The next edition of the magazine will be an Autumn Edition launching September 20th. I am taking the Summer to build the magazine as a business and to give our reviewers a chance to get ahead on their reading/writing. Giving myself this break in the action will allow me to set up multiple magazine editions at once. Some may find this even crazier than what I have already accomplished, but you must understand that my family has run a weekly publication for 50 years. When I was working in the office with them, we would create a full 24 page tabloid size paper EVERY WEEK. That includes: gathering advertising, making new advertisements, contacting customers, making featured content, laying out the pages, proofing, and polishing before going to print. How many days do you think that takes? TWO AND A HALF, because the paper goes to the printer Wednesday afternoon. So that must take an army of people right? Nope, just 4. My plan is to run Clean Fiction the same way. Always ahead so that...OOOO I don't want to spoil what is coming, but I can assure you that it is something big! Hoping that your day is a good one!

~ Amy Lynn McConahy, Clean Fiction Publisher

This Week's Community Activity:

Find a Gentleman Reviewer

We would like to add a gentleman to our staff! Our small army of lady reviewers is wonderful and great at what they do, but we would love to add the male perspective to the Clean Fiction Community. If you are interested or know of someone who might be, please email or have them email two sample reviews to along with your/their contact information. Reviewers will be paid per review. It is not much as of yet, but should grow as the magazine does. You can also email any other questions you may have to the email above.

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