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Autumn Edition Cover Reveal

The day has FINALLY come! The Cover Reveal for the Autumn Edition 2022 is Crystal Pham's lovely image entitled "Celestial Beauty". She won a whopping 60.6% of the vote totaling 264 votes for her cover. Congratulations Crystal! Crack open the Autumn Edition for a full article on how Crystal created her image. Follow her on Instagram at treasured_by_c.pham. 2nd Place goes to Cover Design 3, Abundant Cosmos by Anonymous. 3rd Place goes to Cover Design 5, Spacewave by Cali Grayson. Please give all three of these ladies some love to celebrate their beautiful cover designs! Keep reading for even more exciting news!

2nd Place

3rd Place

We also have another winner! Samantha Nelson was voted by 57% of you as our winner of the Book Cosplay Contest! Samantha won with her portrayal of Lucy Carlyle from the series Lockwood and Co. by Jonathan Stroud. Follow Samantha on Instagram under MarieAnais24. Check out this week's community activity for the biggest news yet!

May your day be bright and your reading be epic!

~ Amy Lynn McConahy, Clean Fiction Publisher

This Week's Community Activity:

Preorders and Paperbacks Available

You heard that right! The Ebook version of Clean Fiction: Autumn Edition 2022 is available for Preorder NOW! Also, there are a couple of shops that carry Clean Fiction and they need their paperback order in time for release. So I thought to myself, "Why not finish it now?" The Ebook will still come out on September 20th, but if you are itching for your copy early, feel free to purchase a paperback at $1 off the normal price! I submitted the paperback to Amazon last night and it usually doesn't take very long for them to approve and upload it! On September 20th, I will be raising the price to match the Spring Edition pricing. This means that I only earn 6 cents for each copy, but for me, it is worth it to offer you this deal! I hope that you enjoy every one of the 124 pages as much as I did!

Direct Link:

Clean Fiction Community Discord:

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