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So Much Happening in Just 2 Weeks!

I try to keep these newsletter/blog posts relatively short, but that is not going to be possible today! We have winners, voting, and submissions to talk about! Let's start with the Windows into the Multiverse Contest. The Co-winners were announced on August 1st and will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card, an Author Feature ($40 value), a Winner Certificate, and a lovely Commemorative Medal! I will share some photos of the metal on social media or in next week's missive. Our Winners are Sarah Ryder with her Christian Fantasy Allegory Micro-story "Waves" and Daphne Self with her Science Fiction Micro-story "The Parting Glass". You can find these lovely ladies on social media at the following.

Sarah Ryder YouTube: Sarah's Tangled Tales

Daphne Self Instagram: @authordaphneself Bookbub: Daphne Self

I highly recommend that you follow or check out more of these wonderful writers' creations.

Another fun thing that is going on this week that 152 of you have already decided to cast your vote for is the Clean Fiction Cover Design Contest! Our biggest contest prize goes to the winner: $100, Artist Feature ($40 value), Winner Certificate, and Commemorative Medal. There is already a crowd favorite with 107 votes, but I am not going to spoil the surprise! As we know from our Cover Art Contest, it is anyone's game at this point. You can vote once a day over at under "Vote" until August 13th. This is a short voting period so don't miss your chance to choose the Autumn Edition Cover!

Lastly, I would like to remind everyone that the Advertising Deadline for the Autumn Edition is August 13th. All Book Submissions and Poetry Submissions will close for the Autumn Edition as well. The submission forms will still be open, but anything submitted after August 13th will be in the Winter Edition coming out on December 20th. If you want a Sneak Peek of the upcoming edition, head over to Patreon (cleanfiction) where you can receive 2 pages a month for one dollar!

May your day be bright and your reading be epic!

~ Amy Lynn McConahy, Clean Fiction Publisher

99-cent Ebook preorders are available now at

This Week's Community Activity:

Send In Your Photos

Will Your Book Cosplay Be Voted the Best?

In honor of the Realm Maker's costume banquet, we are having our annual Book Cosplay Contest. The theme this year was "Time Travel" so I expect all of our great science fiction writers to come out with costumes for their characters. Do you have to attend the banquet to participate? Nope! Any photo of a book cosplay is accepted. Does it have to be science fiction themed? Not at all! If your main character is from a western, go full western! You can submit multiple photos AND they do not have to be from this year. The only restriction is that the costume MUST be a BOOK CHARACTER. No movies/shows/animes (unless they were also manga). Send Your Name, Book Character Name, Book the Character Appears, Social Media Handle, and Email Address (for contact purposes only) to Deadline for submissions is Saturday, August 13th. Don't Miss Out!

Clean Fiction Community Discord:

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