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So Excited!

It's here, here, HERE! The paperback edition of Clean Fiction: Spring Edition 2022 has arrived at my house and it is just as wonderful as I imagined it would be! If you want to experience my rather embarrassing level of excitement, feel free to view my first look at . We already have two (one still available!) Golden Ticket Winners (Super Fans Laura P. and Jodie S.), and I realized that our Ebook preorderers might want a chance to win one as well. My husband was able to eek out a few more from the same filament so I will be having a drawing for those who have preordered. Send an image of your receipt or an image of the page with the "Preordered" banner on the top to . I have already received submissions from Super Fans Max S., Jason M., and Crystal P..

(Clean Fiction "Golden Ticket" 3D Printed Bookmarks)

Some features of the upcoming magazine include: 5 Genre Sections (Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance, Mystery, and Manga), Upcoming and Recent Releases from Many Clean Publishing Houses, 2 Original Micro-stories, Several Articles Written By Christian Authors, Your Editor's Favorite Crossword, NEW Contests and Contest Winners, and Listings Ranging from Editors to Artists. I have also included a Mini Media Kit in the back of the publication if you were interested in supporting the magazine through advertising. I am happy to say that the pricing is WAY below industry standards and will be sufficient to pay all of our reviewers, writers, and artists for their hard work! This is partially due to the fact that I live in a super affordable portion of the world AND because the wonderful Karen Hutchison has offered her 50 years of proofreading experience free of charge. You could say that, contrary to what some may believe:

Clean Fiction Magazine is 100% KAREN Approved!

~ Amy Lynn McConahy, Clean Fiction Publisher

This Week's Community Activity:

Preorder Time!

The Ebook version of Clean Fiction: Spring Edition 2022 is only $2.99. This edition can be easily viewed on your computer, smart phone, or tablet/Kindle fire. Because it is a Print Replica, it cannot be viewed on a normal kindle device...yet. According to Amazon the newest paperwhites should be able to view these Print Replicas soon (but I am not holding my breath). Either way, I highly recommend that you enjoy Clean Fiction magazine on a device with color anyway. Why? The book covers are beautiful and the art found within is much better enjoyed in its full color glory! Tell your friends and family to order their Ebook copy today and help Clean Fiction top the charts of Literary Criticism for a second time!

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