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Settling into Spring

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter! I don't know how the weather is going in your area right now, but here in Pennsylvania it is well into Spring and STILL snowing. Which is seriously dragging down my mood. Spring is my favorite season and usually the season where I am most productive. Well, the productivity hasn't flagged, but I am hoping that the weather will shape up soon.

On a completely different note, I realized via an email from a supporter that I never announced that the "Golden Ticket" giveaway had winners, at least in the newsletter. All of the "Golden Tickets" have been sent out and included a bonus character drawing by me. The winners were: Max S., Jason M., Crystal P., Jodie S., Laura P., and Barbara S. They included 3 paperback purchasers and 3 preorder purchasers. I did put out photos of each package the week after launch. If you want to check out my other "Paquito" drawings, they are on the Clean Fiction Instagram and Facebook Group. I will be having another package give away soon because I have been working hard to find producers of the highest quality for Clean Fiction swag. That way I can offer swag to patrons on Patreon AND in more giveaways like the "Golden Ticket" giveaway.

Speaking of giveaways, I am pleased to say that the Spring Edition is doing even better than the Winter Edition when it comes to copies purchased, given away, and read on Kindle Unlimited. I am so happy that the community has grown, and after talking to the reviewers this past week, I can tell you that the Autumn Edition is going to be one for the books! If you are interested in advertising your book or your business in the Autumn Edition, I can send you the information via email. Your request can be sent directly to or submitted via the "Service Listing" form on

Hope you have a lovely day!

~ Amy Lynn McConahy, Clean Fiction Publisher

This Week's Community Activity:

Best Bookstagram Contest

Photo Credit: @laura.meets.manga on Instagram


As of right now we only have one submission and though it is a strong one, it is a lot more fun when we have more that one...don't you think? The Best Bookstagram Contest submission period ends April 30th. Do you have to be an author to participate? Nope. Can you be an author and participate? Yep. This is purely a contest to see who can take the prettiest picture of their favorite book! How fun is that? AND if you win you will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card to use on buying MORE books to take pretty pictures of...and read of course... To submit your photo, simply email the following: Your Photo, Your Name, Title/Author of the Book (if it is not clearly visible in the photo), an Email Address, and Your Social Media Handle. Contest winners will appear in the Autumn Edition 2022 that will launch September 20th. Up to 10 other entrants will appear in the Autumn Edition as well. If you want a fun way to advertise your book or gain social media followers, this contest is for you. We cannot wait to see what fun and beautiful Bookstagrams you come up with!

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