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Saddened and in Prayer

This morning, I wanted to share my excitement over finishing the cover painting for the Spring Edition and make light comments about how the Cover Art Contest was going along, but I find myself too saddened to make light.

It is times like these that I feel helpless. My pastor has been in contact with our missionaries in Ukraine overnight. The church families had been evacuated, but some had stayed behind to protect the church. There is also a children's home in another area run by the same missionary group. We do not know if everyone there has been evacuated, but it is close to the fighting and they are unable to be contacted. Those who were left are afraid and unsure of their ability to escape. I type to you at this moment in tears for our brothers and sisters, both in Ukraine AND in Russia. My heart is breaking for them. They are family.

So today I will use the only weapon that I have at my disposal. Prayer. Prayers for protection. Prayers for an end to the fighting. Prayers for those forced to fight. Prayers for the families of those already lost.

Some may give in to the fear of the unknown future that this act has pushed us into, but I find solace in the fact that if our Lord took me today, it would be gain, not loss. Uncertainty is God's job, not mine.

~ Amy Lynn McConahy, Clean Fiction Publisher

This Week's Community Activity:

Pray for Ukraine

I ask you to pray for our brothers and sisters.

When it comes to social media I am going to keep things light. I am sure that many others are calling for prayer and for me at least, social media is an escape, not where I go to get the news. Also, the posts this week are prescheduled and I have decided not to change them. If you would like a tiny moment of brightness in this moment of dark, I have the graphic for the upcoming March 1st Cover Reveal below. If you would like to share it or the above, "Pray for Ukraine" image by WBFJ Radio, feel free. I try to shine light in the darkness and things are feeling pretty dark right now. So shine bright, my friends.

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