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Updated: May 25, 2022

As the title implies there has been a LOT going on this week. First I would ask that you say a little prayer for my family. We are all down with the flu and though we had our flu shots (which kept the fevers away) me, my husband, and three kiddos (7,5,&3) have been hacking up a lung since Sunday. If you could pray that it doesn't turn into bronchitis or pneumonia, I would appreciate it. NOW, on with the fun stuff!

I have 2 new buttons in my Etsy shop ( One says "Clean Fiction" and has our stacked logo on it and the other has Paquito and "Clean Fiction Super Fan" on it. Both are 1.5" round buttons. I have a bunch of fun merch to add to the shop in the coming weeks including: stickers, magnets, and bookmarks. So keep an eye out! These items don't come from some fulfillment company. They come directly from me AND everything is made in the USA! Many of the products come from a small business right across the Stateline from me in Ohio or are made by my 3D printing husband.

For even more exciting news, I have completed a big project: making a listing of ALL of the authors that have been featured in Clean Fiction magazine along with their contact information that YOU can have access too! Under the "Authors" link on our website you will find around 75 authors who have been featured in either the Winter or Spring Editions. There were a few whose names did not make it on the list due to lack of internet contact information, but other than the three or so, they are all there! I had special Clean Fiction Author buttons made and it was my intention to mail them out for free, but then I found out how much the shipping would be. To mail out 75 buttons it would come to: $375 and I just can't afford that cost right now. So, if you are a featured author on that list and you would like a button of your own, I am asking that you help out with shipping (a measly $5) OR to find me at the Realm Makers Conference in July. That way I can give you a button for FREE! If you want a button, please fill out the following form so that I can mail you one OR know to bring one for you.

Last, but certainly no least, I have officially finished the Media Kit for Clean Fiction. That means that you can now pay to advertise your books, author services, art services, book launch, etc. I am excited to share with you that the prices I am able to offer are WAY below industry standards and still enable me to pay our reviewers/columnists. Event Listings start at $5 and a whole page is only $120. WHAT!?! I know! AND, if you check out the last page you will find several ways to earn discounts to make the prices even more inexpensive! For more information, visit the Clean Fiction Media Kit under "Pricing Guide" or visit .

Well, that is all for today, but be looking forward to more in the coming weeks! So much excitement is on the way! Have a lovely day.

~ Amy Lynn McConahy, Clean Fiction Publisher

P.S. New Email Address

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