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How is your Bookstagram Game?

We have another contest coming up! This super fun contest is our most low-key and is a great way to advertise your book for FREE. Our Beachy Bookstagram contest boils down to a fun contest based on book photos that are then voted on by the Clean Fiction Community. Instagram is not required in any way despite the name. Whether your book is beach themed OR it is beach ready, we want your photos! Does the book have to be beach themed? No. What book isn’t fun to read at the beach? The answer is none of course. Do you have to be an author to participate? Nope. Can you be an author and participate? Yep. This is purely a contest to see who can take/make the most beachy picture of their favorite book! Is that fun or what? Whether it is a photo with a pair of your favorite flip flops or a scattering of sea shells send in your best Beachy Bookstagram for our Summer Edition.


Submissions will begin April 17th and end April 29th. Voting will begin May 1st and go through May 13th. Beachy Bookstagram Contest (See our website for the small print). If you win you will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card to use in buying even MORE books to enjoy on your vacation. Contest winners will appear in the Summer Edition that will launch June 20th. If you want a fun way to advertise your book or gain social media followers, this contest is for you. We cannot wait to see what BEACHY Bookstagrams you come up with!

This contest is sponsored by Author Pam Halter and Author Jessica Bertrand. You can find Pam Halter's books at and Jessica Bertrand's books at


To submit your photo, simply email the following: Your Photo, Your Name, Title/Author of the Book (if it is not clearly visible in the photo), an Email Address (for contact purposes), and Your Social Media Handle/Website. It is as easy as that!


How to Participate in the Windows Into The Multiverse Writing Contest

You are asked to write a micro-story beginning with “Through the window, I saw...” using the photo below as inspiration. The only restriction on your creativity is that you keep your micro-story clean. All genres are accepted.

Submissions end on April 29th. Please keep your submission to between 800 and 1,200 words. Send your micro-story, your name as you would like it to appear, the genre of the story, your social media handle/website, and an email for contact purposes to

We will not use your micro-stories without your permission and the winner/s will be sent pages for approval. The winner/s will appear in our June 20th, 2023 Summer Edition along with the image on this page.

Depending on the number of submissions we receive, there will be either winners in several genre categories OR an overall winner. Each winner or the overall winner will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card and an author feature ($40 value). The winner/s will be decided by the Clean Fiction staff and excerpts of each submission may be used for promotional purposes.

We cannot wait to see what you do with this new image and are excited to read your submissions! Happy Writing!

This Contest is Sponsored by Strangers and Aliens, a Podcast By Ben Avery Exploring Faith and Imagination, at (Facebook & YouTube).

May your day be bright and your reading be epic!

~ Amy Lynn McConahy, Clean Fiction Publisher

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