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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! As the new year starts so does the process of the next magazine. Sometimes the relentless pace of quarterly publishing is daunting, but the show must go on. I will continue as long as the Lord allows. This past December was a bit of a recuperation period for me. Even with the rest, I have already been able to give our Patreon subscribers 5 completely finished pages including a Sneak Peek at our new serial story, "Stronghold" by Nathaniel Duane Caldwell, set to appear in our Science Fiction section. Please consider joining our Patreon at even the $1 "Sneak Peek" level. The more steady income from subscribers helps us to pay those pesky monthly bills that come with keeping the magazine running. I will keep all of you posted on what is coming, but subscribers get to know first ; D There will be more fun things on the horizon so keep your eyes on our newsletter, website, and social media.

Contests: Both the Windows into the Multiverse Writing Contest AND the Character Art Contest are open for submissions. See information on our website under "Contests". The submission period for the writing contest is January 1st-31st. The submission period for the art contest is January 2nd-14th. Don't wait or you may miss your chance to enter.

Gentle Reminder: Please continue to pray for Mary Schlegel, her children, and her family. Also, please contribute to the GoFundMe set up by Mary's cousin . I do not know if they had life insurance, but I can tell you that everything going forward is going to be VERY expensive. Also, our friends over at Lorehaven have set up a way for those who did know Aaron personally to contribute to a book of memories for Mary to share with their children. You can send memories and photos to by Thursday, January 5th 2023 (Today) to have your contribution included.

May your day be bright and your reading be epic!

~ Amy Lynn McConahy, Clean Fiction Publisher

This Week's Community Activity:

Character Art Contest Submissions are Open

Sponsored By:


It is only $25. Contact Amy Lynn at for more information.

Are You An Artist?

For the March 20th Spring Edition, we will be holding a Character Art Contest for the Clean Fiction Community. This contest was formerly known as the Book Fan Art Contest, but we wanted to encourage professional Character Artists to participate as well as those who make art for fun. We ask that the characters be from a book/book series/manga, and not movies/shows/anime.

We do not require a particular art style for this contest. Do you draw manga? Great! Draw a character from your favorite manga. Do you prefer westerns? Wonderful! Desert paintings are great. Are you a digital artist? Cool! Share your art with us! Whether you are drawing at your kitchen table, computer, or studio your art is welcome. We also encourage authors who have had character art drawn for their books to contact their character artists and ask permission to participate in this contest. We want to promote as many artists as we can.


Submissions will begin January 2nd and go through January 14th. Voting will begin January 16th and run through January 28th (See our website for the small print). If you win, you will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card to use in buying books, paints, more art supplies...whatever you want! You will also receive a commemorative medal, a printable certificate, and an Artist Feature (a $40 value).


To submit your image, simply email the following: Your Image, Your Name, the Title/Author of the Book the Character comes from, the Name of the Character, an Email Address, and Your Social Media Handle (if you want followers).

Clean Fiction Community Discord:

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