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FREE Ebooks!

"Dreamlight" is only available as a FREE Ebook until Friday! This opportunity may not come again and if it does it won't be any time soon! Don't Miss Out!

Book Blurb:

In a land divided by war, one woman’s choice will shift the balance.

In medieval Andona, the day before the summer solstice marks the beginning of Audrianna’s harrowing journey. As the Daemon clans fight for power, she finds herself trapped as a pivotal piece in a deadly game. This decades-long challenge between brothers stretches across the boundary between life and death, and pulls Audrianna to the very center of the conflict. Cast into a world she does not fully understand, she struggles to return to the one person who matters. Amidst Daemon deities with unknown goals, Audrianna shoulders the burden of a people who call her cursed. Born to make an impossible choice, will she be able to find hope and end the suffering of all Andona?

Best Bookstagram Contest

The Best Bookstagram Contest submission period ends April 30th. Do you have to be an author to participate? Nope. Can you be an author and participate? Yep. This is purely a contest to see who can take the prettiest picture of their favorite book! How fun is that? AND if you win you will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card to use on buying MORE books to take pretty pictures of...and read of course... To submit your photo, simply email the following: Your Photo, Your Name, Title/Author of the Book (if it is not clearly visible in the photo), an Email Address, and Your Social Media Handle. Contest winners will appear in the Autumn Edition 2022 that will launch September 20th. Up to 10 other entrants will appear in the Autumn Edition as well. If you want a fun way to advertise your book or gain social media followers, this contest is for you. We cannot wait to see what fun and beautiful Bookstagrams you come up with!

~ Amy Lynn McConahy, Clean Fiction Publisher

This Week's Community Activity:

Get Your FREE Copy of Clean Fiction: Spring Edition 2022

To celebrate Holy Week, I am giving away Ebook copies of the Spring Edition for FREE for the very first time beginning April 11th and ending April 15th on Amazon. Tell your family, friends, and coworkers because I cannot offer the Spring Edition for FREE again for another 90 days. Happy Holy Week! Link:

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