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Exciting News

Hello Everyone! I have some exciting news for you as we wait patiently for the Ebook version of Clean Fiction Magazine to release. We have decided to launch Subscriptions powered by PayPal! That means that in addition to the option of Patreon, you can now receive your editions (paperback OR ebook) directly from us! This also allows me to offer a better price than on Amazon. The paperback will be $16 every three months (quarterly) and the Ebook will be $2.50 every three months (quarterly). I wish that I could have launched this along with the paperback this time but it only came to my attention as an option recently. You can sign up for a Subscription via our "Editions" page on our website.

Now for some photos of the Spring Edition 2023 in the wild! These photos are from Kristin Lim. You can find her on Facebook under Kristin Lim, Storyteller. If you would like your photo featured in this way, send it over via email or tag me on Facebook or Instagram!

The Windows into the Multiverse Writing Contest is back! Visit our website under "Contests" for more information about content and the submission period.

This Contest is Sponsored by Strangers and Aliens, a Podcast By Ben Avery Exploring Faith and Imagination, at (Facebook & YouTube).

May your day be bright and your reading be epic!

~ Amy Lynn McConahy, Clean Fiction Publisher

This Week's Community Activity:

FREE Ebook Fridays & Preorder On Amazon


March 10th - Winter Edition 2021 - Free Ebook

March 17th - Autumn Edition 2022 - Free Ebook

You can find them all here:

Clean Fiction Community Discord:

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