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Did You Say FREE?

If your first thought was, "Wait! It isn't Thursday!" You would be correct, but this news is TOO GOOD not to share. I have enrolled the Winter Edition 2021 in KDP Select which means that it is available on Kindle Unlimited AND that I am able to run a FREE Book Promotion. I guess that not being able to put the ebook on B&N does have a sunny side. I have never done a promotion like this before and I am crossing my fingers that there are no problems. I scheduled the ebook to be FREE from December 1-5, 2021.


I am only allowed to make the ebook FREE for 5 days every 90 day cycle. That means that the ebook will return to the $2.99 price after the 5 days and stay that way until March 2022 when I plan to run another 5 Days FREE promotion right before the release of the March 20th, 2022 Spring Edition. In a way, this allows me to fulfill at least part of my original promise, but this deal will not last long so don't wait!

This Week's Community Activity:


Have your friends and family search "Clean Fiction Magazine" on Amazon or follow this link: This will get you and everyone you know a FREE copy of the Winter Edition 2021 Ebook which is a print replica! Don't miss out! This deal only lasts 5 days and then it disappears!

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