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So Much is Going On!

Have you noticed that there is rather a LOT going on at Clean Fiction Magazine lately? Did you realize that there are only 6 weeks until I need to have everything together to complete the Winter Edition 2022? It is the truth! The advertising/reviewer deadline for the Winter Edition is November 12th. That means that all the contests must be completed or in the voting stage by then. Needless to say, things are a bit crazy around here and this missive is going to be a bit of a long one!

(Cover Art Contest Winter 2022 Sponsor)

Cover Art Contest: So far we have had a couple hundred votes come in, and the current leader is Cover Art 10, Aivan: The One Truth By Kayla E. Green designed by Hannah Linder Designs. Cover Art 3, Time Hides No Secrets By Joan Fennell Carringer designed by RebecaCovers at Fiverr, is in second place while Cover Arts 7 & 8 are tied for third. (Cover Art 7, Emmazel by Kendra E. Ardnek designed by Kendra E. Ardnek, and Cover Art 8, by Cover Designer Alex Perkins is a book titled The Key to Scientia by Cassandra Knight) That being said, it is still anyone's contest to win. Please share with your friends and family to let them join in on the fun. It is really cool to see what cover rises to the top in the end. Voting ends October 15th and remember that you can vote once a day!

(Cover Art Contest Winter 2022 Sponsor)

Other Contests: We are still looking for more submissions for the Cover Design Contest. We have only had 3 cover designs come in so far and though that is enough to run the contest we will always want more instead of less. The deadline is October 15th. Tell your artist friends! More information is below in our Community Activity section.

As for the Windows into the Multiverse Writing Contest, we are happy to announce that it is being sponsored by Havok Publishing ( You still have until October 31st to turn in your 1,000-word story. More information can be found under "Contests" on our website.

Announcements: We only have 3 sponsorship spots left. So if you were thinking about being a sponsor (at only $25) don't wait too long. I already have 2 possible candidates for sponsorships to fill those spots, but it is first come first serve.

In other news, we have TWO NEW REVIEWERS! It gives me great pleasure to introduce them both to you!

Jessica Bertrand

Illustrative Fiction Reviewer Instagram: jessica_bertrand_author BookBub: Jessica Bertrand Goodreads: Jessica Bertrand Public/Fan Email:

Kate Willis Science Fiction Reviewer Amazon: Kate Willis Goodreads: Kate Willis

Welcome to the team! These two lovely ladies will have reviews featured in the upcoming Winter Edition 2022. Show them some love on social media and check out their websites. Both have a lovely uplifting attitude toward reading and will make great additions to our positive review team. If ever you were wanting to contact our reviewers directly, visit our "Contact" page on our website and you can find all of our reviewers' information there.

(Takes a deep breath) AND... that should be it for now! Man, that was a long one. If you want more information ahead of time, visit our website homepage and take a look at our "Events" section. It has not only our contests but upcoming Book Launches! If you want to read even more of my jabber, check out our Patreon ( and sign up for the "Sneak Peek" tier for only $1.

May your day be bright and your reading be epic!

~ Amy Lynn McConahy, Clean Fiction Publisher

This Week's Community Activity:

Create a Cover for Clean Fiction Magazine

Will You Design the Next Clean Fiction Cover?

This contest was so well received that we will be doing it again! If you check out the Autumn Edition, you will see last quarter's winner on the cover. And now, for a new contest and a new prompt:

What are the requirements?

1) The artwork must include bold color blocking. This makes the cover easier to enjoy when it is displayed in a tiny format, such as on a person’s phone. View past Clean Fiction covers for the preferred style, but feel free to use this style loosely.

2) The artwork must include a figure in modest attire. This could be a man, woman, or creature. Obviously, if the figure is a creature, only humanoid creatures must wear modest attire.

3) The theme of the Winter Edition cover is “Snow”. This topic is as broad as you would like to make it. Feel free to be as creative with it as you’d like.

And, that’s it! We wanted to leave the requirements as broad as possible in order to give artists the opportunity to flex their creative muscles. Depending on the number of entries, all entrants or staff-chosen finalists will be displayed for the Clean Fiction Community to vote on a winner.

Submissions open October 1st and go through October 15th. Email your submission to along with the following information: Your Name, The Name of the Artwork, your Social Media Handle/Art Website, and an Email Address (for contact purposes only). Voting will be October 17th-31st and the Grand Prize Winner will be announced along with the Cover Reveal on December 1st.

What is the Grand Prize? $100

Clean Fiction Community Discord:

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