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Contest Time!

I am happy and excited to announce that four of our featured books have made it into the Semi-Finals of the Realm Makers Readers Choice Awards!


Cathy McCrumb (Enclave Publishing)

Secrets in the Mist

Morgan L. Busse (Enclave Escape)

The Rhise of Light

Max B. Sternberg

The Rhise of Hope

Max B. Sternberg

Let's help support these authors by voting for them in the Readers Choice Awards! How wonderful would it be for these featured Clean Fiction authors to win an award for the exciting clean books they have written! There are many other great books on the list as well so make sure you check out the information below to make your voice heard. Who knows? You may find another book that you love in the running as well! Also, make sure that you check out this week's community activity below. We need more submissions for the Best Bookstagram Contest and participating will only take a minute of your time.

Information on How to Participate Directly from Realm Makers:


Vote from our list of nominated books (our semifinalists). The five books with the most votes will become Readers’ Choice finalists. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Anyone can vote.

  • You can only vote once. Multiple entries will be disqualified. Please don’t try to game the system by using multiple names and email addresses so you can vote more than once. While we appreciate your zeal for your favorite books, if we suspect you’re trying to cheat, those votes will be disqualified.

  • You can only vote for books you’ve actually read.

  • Give each book you’ve actually read a star rating.

  • Don’t five-star your favorite and one-star everything else, Maleficent. That’s a good way to get your vote disqualified, and we do check.

  • Be thoughtful. The authors deserve that.

Hope you have a lovely day!

~ Amy Lynn McConahy, Clean Fiction Publisher

This Week's Community Activity:

Best Bookstagram Contest

Photo Credit: @laura.meets.manga on Instagram


As of right now we only have two submissions. This is the LAST CALL! The Best Bookstagram Contest submission period ends April 30th. Do you have to be an author to participate? Nope. Can you be an author and participate? Yep. This is purely a contest to see who can take the prettiest picture of their favorite book! How fun is that? AND if you win you will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card to use on buying MORE books to take pretty pictures of...and read of course... To submit your photo, simply email the following: Your Photo, Your Name, Title/Author of the Book (if it is not clearly visible in the photo), an Email Address, and Your Social Media Handle. Contest winners will appear in the Autumn Edition 2022 that will launch September 20th. Up to 10 other entrants will appear in the Autumn Edition as well. If you want a fun way to advertise your book or gain social media followers, this contest is for you. We cannot wait to see what fun and beautiful Bookstagrams you come up with!

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