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Clean Fiction Seal

When Author Lisa Lagaly sent me a link to her article (Find Article Here), I was intrigued. It is true that Clean Fiction Magazine has handed out Clean Fiction Author graphics for years to authors who have had their books reviewed by the magazine, but a more general Clean Fiction Seal? What a great idea! As those of you who have been reading this magazine for a while should know, I love to collaborate with other authors and businesses in a way that allows everyone to benefit. As a member of the Clean Fiction Community, I love this concept and would also love to see a seal on every clean fiction author’s website or on the back of every clean fiction author’s book. Whether it is a seal of the author’s own creation or Lisa’s, showing the readers that you have created a book that avoids a lot of the pitfalls of modern literature is wonderful indeed. I know that it would make my own book choices a great deal easier.

To add to Lisa’s lovely design, I would like to put forward one of my own. This one focuses on clean books that have a Christian message. You can find a black, white, & golden version of both seals HERE. If you would like to join in this movement to unify and identify Clean Fiction Authors, you can either use one of the seals we created or create your own to show your support. If you do end up creating one of your own, feel free to send it our way and we can add it to the ones we have here on the "Clean Fiction Seal" page. Showing others that you are committed to producing clean fiction will not only benefit readers but allow other clean authors to feel a lot less alone. May the Clean Fiction Community unite in a common goal, to enjoy and to write good books without sacrificing our morals.

Upcoming Cover Reveal: Make sure to check our social media pages for the Cover Reveal for the Summer Edition 2024 on June 1st. We will also be focusing on the new cover in next week's newsletter/blog.

REMINDER: We cannot continue to publish our magazine without your help! Please consider either becoming an advertiser, supporting Clean Fiction on Patreon, or directly supporting us with a Yearly Subscription.

May your day be bright and your reading be epic!

~ Amy Lynn McConahy, Clean Fiction Publisher

This Week's Community Activity:

Add a Clean Fiction Seal to Your Website

If you are an author, why not add a Clean Fiction Seal to your website? Clean readers will thank you and other clean authors will be encouraged!

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