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Clean Fiction Community Day

What are your plans for this coming Monday? What? Hanging out on Discord with some Awesome Authors and Sweet Giveaways, you say? We are having our very first Clean Fiction Community Day on Monday, June 20th starting at 5pm EST. I have paperbacks, book swag, exclusive author info, and fun games planned for the evening, but feel free to check out the server during the day to get a head start on the fun! I will be available for questions in the chat and posting a little something for our early visitors throughout the day. No need for video or voice capabilities. We are going old school AOL Chatroom style with this event. I cannot wait to see you all there! Use this link to join the Clean Fiction Community:

The Cover Art Contest is still going strong! We have received almost 300 votes so far and Cover Art 7 is still leading the way with 96 votes, but Cover Art 4 is quickly gaining ground! You can vote once per day at under "Vote" up until June 30th. Tell your friends to join in on the fun! We don't collect your information, only your votes. So cast your vote with confidence.

In other news, we have a Clean Fiction Author who was awarded 5 Stars for BOTH of the books that he released last year by Reader's Favorite! Max B. Sternberg did a wonderful job with these books and should be congratulated. The reviews can be found at the following links:

You can find Max B. Sternberg at and as Max. B. Sternberg on Facebook, MeWe, and Goodreads.

I hope that your day is lovely and your reading is epic!

~ Amy Lynn McConahy, Clean Fiction Publisher

This Week's Community Activity:

Clean Fiction Community Day!

See more information above and hope to see you in the chat!

Clean Fiction Community Discord:

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