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Believe It or Not...

You guys are never going to believe what happened this week. I can barely believe it. I am sure many of you who are authors received an email from Amazon this week notifying you of the price changes that are to go into effect on June 20th. When I first read the email the only message I received was "Print copies are going up in price". Already I was having to sell our magazine at a ridiculous price and receive only as much as $0.48 in return for a print copy. A price increase would put the final nail in the coffin of print editions for us. But upon my second perusal following a mad dash around the web to find another printer, I saw a glimmer of hope. Amazon admitted that they were charging too much for color and had decided to fix it. WHAT!?! My eyeballs couldn't read the words fast enough. I went to their chart and did the math. This is not possible! I rushed over to KDP to make a draft to see if what I suspected was true. It was! Previously, Amazon charged the exact same for Standard and Premium color. So because of this I always went with Premium color because why not? Well, now I had a reason to switch.

So what is the big news?

Our print magazine is no longer $17.99-$16.99 anymore it is $12.00. $12.00!!!!! I spent the last week converting all of the print editions over to Standard color and the savings to both the readers AND authors/distributors is enormous! If you could see me, you would see that I am having a rather fun time with the most silly of happy dances. I never wanted Clean Fiction to be so expensive, but I had no other choice. The fact that Amazon's print department admitted their mistake and fixed it is a miracle to be sure. What I thought was going to be the end turned out to be the new beginning our magazine needed so badly.

So, Clean Fiction Community, snag a print copy for your church library or homeschool group. Tell your local public library that you want them to start carrying our magazine. Pick up a copy for your friend for their birthday or share it with your mom. The barrier to paperback purchasing is down and may you all have the chance to hold a copy in your hands. It is a page-turner to be sure ; D (

May your day be bright and your reading be epic!

~ Amy Lynn McConahy, Clean Fiction Publisher

P.S. Please bear with me. The website links are not yet updated and the very last edition just went fully live this morning. If you have problems purchasing, please let me know. Due to all of the changes, there is a high likelihood of this week's Free Friday being messed up. This week's freebie should have been the Spring Edition 2022. It is possible that it will still go through, but in case it doesn't you have been apprised.

This Week's Community Activity:

Vote for Your Favorite Cover Art

We now have collected 945 votes and the top three are within 20 votes of one another! You have three more days to vote so don't waste them!!! Voting will go through May 27. Simply visit once per day, visit the "Vote" page via the site menu, and cast your vote! That's it! This way you can have several favorites and support several authors. Have fun!

This Contest is Sponsored by K.M. Carroll, Esther Wallace, and by Lisa Loucks-Christenson. Find Carroll's fantastic books at, Wallace's books/art at and The Cougar Creek Herald Series by Loucks-Christenson at

Clean Fiction Community Discord:

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