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Hello All! Sorry to have missed you last week, but I was in sunny Florida for a family vacation and by the time I realized what day it was it was too late. The vacation itself was rather ill-timed considering our deadline, but it could not be helped. The past few days I have been working feverishly to have a finished magazine for March 1st and I expect to continue to do so as soon as I am done sending out this missive. If you could send up some prayers for my sanity, they would be appreciated to be sure! Now, if you missed it on social media, here are the winners of our Cover Art Contest!

Congratulations to our top three covers for the Spring Edition 2023!

First Place Depths of Atlantis by Hannah Carter Designed by Miblart

Second Place Love's Full Circle by Cherry Christenson Designed by Elaina Lee/For The Muse Design

Third Place Ghosts of the Future by Ben Avery Designed by radu_muresan

This contest was sponsored by Peacock Books & Wildlife Art where you can find books & photographs curated & produced by Lisa Loucks-Christenson ( and Author Joan Fennell Carringer, fast-moving stories with sweet romance and a touch of humor (

May your day be bright and your reading be epic!

~ Amy Lynn McConahy, Clean Fiction Publisher

Clean Fiction Cover Design Contest: Voting goes through Saturday, February 25th so don't wait! This Contest is Sponsored by Author K.M. Carroll (Find her books at and Author Jessica Bertrand (Find her books at

This Week's Community Activity:

FREE Ebook Fridays On Amazon

February 24th - Spring Edition 2022

March 3rd - Autumn Edition 2022

You can find them all here:

Clean Fiction Community Discord:

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