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A Winner and Another Contest

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend celebrating the birth of our country. This was a nice calm week in my household. I hope that it has been a calm one for yours as well.

Just in case you missed it on social media, we have a winner for our Cover Art Contest! P.S. Patton with his cover for "The Withering" was our winner with a total of 299 votes. We had a total of 688 votes in total which is another record! 2nd place goes to "The Girl with Stars in Her Eyes" by Dawn Ford with a total of 112 votes. 3rd place goes to "Fountains and Secrets" by Lisa E. Betz with a total of 101 votes. To view the rest of the covers and their rankings you will have to read the Autumn Edition coming out on September 20th. I want to thank all the authors that contributed and all the voters for taking time out of their day to participate in this fun contest. If you are sad that you missed out, we will be having another Cover Art Contest for the Winter Edition and the submissions begin September 21st and end September 30th.

Did you know that you could be a Contest Sponsor for only $10? You can buy an online banner the same size as the one below to appear on the contest and voting pages for the duration of the contest/voting. You will also receive a shout-out on social media. Show your support for Clean Fiction Magazine AND have your book/business seen by hundreds of people. Space is limited so don't wait. Email inquiries over to

~ Amy Lynn McConahy, Clean Fiction Publisher

P.S. The banner above is a real advertisement for a short story I have coming out this Summer! I can't wait to share it with you!

This Week's Community Activity:

Clean Fiction Cover Design Contest

Are YOU the Next Artist to be featured on the Cover of Clean Fiction?

We here at Clean Fiction have decided to try something new in this edition. Hold a contest to see what an outside artist would do with the Clean Fiction cover. Up until now, the cover has been painted by our publisher, but it occurred to her that others might like the chance to display their skills. So let’s get down to brass tacks: What are the requirements?1) The artwork must include bold color blocking. This makes the cover easier to enjoy when it is displayed in a tiny format, such as on a person’s phone. Use the past covers as a reference for the preferred style, but feel free to use this style loosely. 2) The artwork must include a figure in modest attire. This could be a man, woman, or creature. Obviously, if the figure is a creature, only humanoid creatures must wear modest attire.3) The theme of the Autumn Edition cover is “Space”. This topic is as broad as you would like to make it. Feel free to be as creative with it as you’d like. And, that’s it! We wanted to leave the requirements as broad as possible in order to give artists the opportunity to flex their creative muscles. The staff will choose their favorites and then the finalists will be given to the Clean Fiction Community to vote on a winner. Submissions open July 1st and go through July 31st. Email your submission to along with the following information: Your Name, The Name of the Artwork, your Social Media Handle/Art Website, and an Email Address (for contact purposes only). Voting will be in August and the Grand Prize Winner will be announced along with the Cover Reveal on September 1st. What is the Grand Prize!


Clean Fiction Community Discord:

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