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A Day Late, but Not a Dollar Short

Do you know what happens when you are juggling a few too many things and then come down with a cold? You allow Thursday to pass you by in a haze of that feeling that you forgot something. Thankfully, I may be a "Day Late" but I am not a "Dollar Short". I am not exactly certain where that phrase came from, but I thought that it applied to my predicament today. How many times have you been late with something and felt that overwhelming sense of guilt as you tried to explain why things had ended up that way? All of us are late sometimes. In most cases, it is not a conscious choice, you did not think to yourself, "I cannot wait to inconvenience this person!" There are times when people act as if this is exactly what happened, and times when no one pays the slightest bit of attention. I should know. I could win the gold medal for lateness in the Olympics. We all have character flaws, and this is mine. It used to bother me a lot because it is a flaw that is easy to point out and criticize, and frankly, I am rather a perfectionist. Within the last year, I have come to realize that instead of beating myself up for my flaws I should instead try to find the positives within them. Here is a secret I had to figure out for myself that I will give you for free: Some flaws are God-given and there for a reason. I mean, Paul had one that he called a "thorn in his flesh", but God wouldn't take it away. Why? It had a purpose. THAT is why I am a "Day Late" but NOT a "Dollar Short" because without my ability to put my whole focus into my tasks (the quirk that is constantly making me late) I wouldn't be able to complete things with the level of skill that I do. Accepting my flaw as something that the Lord has given me on purpose has become more of a blessing than I could have thought possible. So the next time you want to beat yourself up for a quirk that society has decided is a flaw remember that God made you exactly the way you are for a good reason. Fearfully and wonderfully made, right? Of course, right.

Character Art Contest: There are only two more days to go in the submission period for this contest! We currently have 5 submissions and they are strong ones at that! I can't decide which one I like the best! Voting will begin January 16th and run through January 28th. You may vote once per day. Have your family and friends join in on the fun! Within this last week, we have gained two sponsors for this contest. It is sponsored by LisaLC.Live ( "Walk the Talk Show". Listen in as Lisa chats with authors from all genres about their books. Also, sponsored by Author Pam Halter, award-winning children's, middle grade, and YA fantasy author. Learn more about her books/services at Show these sponsors some love!

Windows into the Multiverse Writing Contest: We have received a half dozen submissions at this point, but don't worry there is still plenty of time to submit! The deadline for submissions is January 31st. To find out more about this contest please visit the "Contests" page of our website. This Contest is Sponsored By Ambassador International (Books that Magnify the Lord Jesus Christ) at and Strangers and Aliens, a Podcast Exploring Faith and Imagination, at (Facebook & YouTube).

May your day be bright and your reading be epic!

~ Amy Lynn McConahy, Clean Fiction Publisher

This Week's Community Activity:

Clean Fiction Community Day

We will be having a short-notice Clean Fiction Community Day next Friday, January 20th at 7pm EST. Meet us on the Clean Fiction Community Discord Server for an evening of information, prizes, and introductions. We will be giving away exclusive stickers, 3D-printed bookmarks, and a paperback copy of the Winter Edition 2022. I will be sharing with you about upcoming contests and quotes from some of our Windows into the Multiverse submissions. You will also be given a chance to connect with some of our reviewers. It will be an evening of fun where no one takes themselves too seriously. Come be part of the community!

Clean Fiction Community Discord:

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