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8th Edition on Dec. 20th

As we count down to Christmas we are also counting down to the Winter Edition 2023! I had hoped to release this edition early, but an increase in workload with my other jobs as well as family illness have pushed my hopes back to the original release date. I could really use your prayers right now as the pressure and stress of taking another magazine to completion wears on me. I also want to thank you for your support. Despite my near complete absence from social media in the last couple of weeks, the preorders are still coming in and the word about the Winter Edition 2023 is getting out there. You have my thanks.

Clean Fiction Audio: Episode 4 (Superheroes and Science Fiction) is now live on YouTube (@CleanFiction) and Her Father's Mantle - Part 1 is now available on Patreon. Help us to grow our channel by subscribing and encouraging others to subscribe. If you would like to support this endeavor, become a video sponsor. It is $25 and will give you a short ad in the video as well as a mention anywhere we share about the video or its content. These videos will also come out a whole week ahead of time on our Patreon. So if you want early access to Clean Fiction Audio uploads you can sign up for as little as $1/month at

Episode 4 Sponsor: If you enjoy books full of adventure with a unique flair, you will enjoy books by Author Jessica Bertrand. Find out more at

Her Father's Mantle - Part 1 Sponsor: Clean Fiction Magazine.

May your day be bright and your reading be epic!

~ Amy Lynn McConahy, Clean Fiction Publisher

P.S. Due to the tight deadline, there will be no newsletter next week.

This Week's Community Activity:

Free Amazon Ebook Friday!

Friday, December 8th - Summer Edition 2023

Friday, December 15th - Autumn Edition 2023

or order directly by emailing Amy Lynn at

Clean Fiction Community Discord:

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