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Lucky Number 7! I am not really sure what makes this particular number considered the lucky one, but eh? *shrug* why not? We are getting to the point with the number of editions that I can barely fit them nicely in the banner anymore! I am so excited to show you all of our reviewer's, columnists', and author's hard work! Unless I get things scheduled today, social media is going to be quiet for a bit because I am going into Full Editor Mode. You will also not be hearing from me next week on the 14th because I will be rushing to get the magazine to print. If you wouldn't mind sending up a quick prayer for my stamina and sanity, I would appreciate it! If I do end up with some posts up on social media, if you could share them around I would also appreciate your support. I hope that your week is going well and that God Blesses all of your endeavors.

May your day be bright and your reading be epic!

~ Amy Lynn McConahy, Clean Fiction Publisher

Preorder your Ebook copy of the Autumn Edition 2023 TODAY! ( Both the Paperback and Ebook will launch on September 20th so mark your calendars!!!

This Week's Community Activity:

The Week of FREE!

Spread the word that the Week of FREE is coming up next week! The schedule is a little wonky, but that is because of weird Kindle Unlimited renewal dates. I will add the other three editions as soon as the dates turn over.

September 14th - Winter Edition 2021

September 15th - Spring Edition 2023

September 16th - Summer Edition 2023

Clean Fiction Community Discord:

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