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5 More Days

5 more days until the Ebook Launch of the Summer Edition 2023! The countdown has begun! I am so excited to share this edition with the world. Other than the high-quality reviews, you will find 3 Serial Stories, 6 Micro-stories, Devotions, Poems, Articles, and Fun Upcoming Contests. Unfortunately, we didn't have any space for puzzles this time around, but I will do my best to sneak some into the Autumn Edition. The micro-stories you have heard about, but did you know that we have a new serial story in this edition? "The Unification" by Joan Fennell Carringer starts this edition with its first installment. This Mystery story with a dash of Science Fiction and Romance is sure to keep you guessing! You can find the first installment in the Mystery & History section of the magazine. We also have "Stronghold" by Nathaniel D. Caldwell returning for its second installment and "Her Father's Mantle" by Amy Lynn McConahy continuing on with its fourth installment.

In other news, I have fully updated our Media Kit to reflect both inches and pixel sizes for our advertisements. I have heard your clamoring in the community and finally had the time to act upon your suggestions. You will also see a place on our Advertising Information form for a Coupon Code! So be on the lookout for advertising deals.

We also hit #1 New Release for our Summer Edition 2023 paperback in Literary Criticism Reference on Amazon. That makes 6 straight #1 New Releases for paperback. Hopefully, we hit #1 again with the Ebook in 5 days! This is a direct result of the Clean Fiction Community and all of your excitement for our publication. For that, I thank you.

Preorder your Ebook copy of the Summer Edition 2023 today on Amazon (scheduled to release June 20th) OR Sign Up for a Yearly Ebook Subscription and receive your copy tomorrow!

May your day be bright and your reading be epic!

~ Amy Lynn McConahy, Clean Fiction Publisher

This Week's Community Activity:

Free Ebook Friday

Friday, June 16th - Winter Edition 2022 - FREE Amazon Ebook

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