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Fri, Jun 23


Cover Reveal: A House of Blood

Cover Reveal: A House of Blood
Cover Reveal: A House of Blood

Time & Location

Jun 23, 2023, 7:00 AM

About the event

A House of Blood (An Apprentice of Death Book 2) By Nicki Chapelway

She's a mercenary looking for a quick fortune; he's a soldier serving a house of blood. Once they thought they were in love. Now he’s out for revenge.

Aleria left her past as an assassin behind, gave herself a new name, and now lives as a mercenary picking up quick contracts to get her by as she lives on the run. However, when a small village hires her as a part of a group of mercenaries to protect them from a deadly and mysterious monster that has been tearing through the population, she starts to wonder if she has finally found a place that she might be able to actually put down roots and call home. A place where she can do some good. Somewhere no one knows that she is a death elf, or that she somehow also has blood elf magic that now flows in her veins. Where she can finally escape the memory of the wraith she once was.

Dirk is going to go mad with the memory of the golden-haired girl he let die. As an elite guard who was raised to be the perfect weapon, he never knew what a life outside the wars of the house he serves would be like. But with Julienne, he allowed himself to imagine. Driven by his need to find her killer, he sets out to on his mission for revenge… only to find Aleria instead, a girl with the same eyes and face as the one he lost but who has nothing else in common with her.

When Dirk invades her haven; Aleria finds her new identity under threat. If she doesn’t find some way to get rid of him, then he could destroy the life that she has begun to build for herself in this village. Assuming that her dream of a life as a normal person was ever more than a pretty little illusion. Perhaps she was always meant to be a killer. After all, it seems that her patron Death follows her wherever she goes.

Return to the world of Varelis, a land that has no king, where the eleven houses wage wars in the names of their gods, and magic exists that can kill with a single touch. If you enjoy kick-butt heroines, swoony heroes, and sizzling slow-burn enemies-to-lovers romance, check out this female-led fantasy series perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Sylvia Mercedes, and Elise Kova.

Website: nickichapelwayauthor – Magic, Humor, and Romance

Preorder Link: A House of Blood (An Apprentice of Death Book 2) eBook : Chapelway, Nicki: Kindle Store

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