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The Paperback Edition is Published

Amy Lynn McConahy

Mar 14, 2022

A day of mixed feelings.

This morning I awoke in an unusual the sound of my eldest crying. Why? He was trying not to relieve his stomach of its contents. I had already planned to get up early this morning in order to publish the paperback of the Spring Edition. So I decided, after holding a bucket for my son and scrubbing the bucket/my hands and arms, that I might as well go through the process of publishing the paperback even earlier in the morning around 5am instead of 6am. For a few moments I was excited, before I was needed again...urgently. Sigh. Being a mom is rough sometimes. After going back to sleep for a bit, I decided to greet the day and be as positive about the day as I could while having sick kiddos to tend to...yup the others were showing signs of illness as well...only to find my husband was also down. So my brain said, "No problem. What is one more sick person? Gatorade all around!" When I was finally able to sit down for a minute, around mid-day, I found that my original post was doing really well on social media. I updated everyone that the publish to Amazon was almost complete and went to work on some of my normal computer work. It was during that small spike of excitement that my husband got some crushing news about one of his bosses. Putting him into a black mood and me in a place where I was unable to continue to enjoy the happy chatter of the readers excited about the launch. The day continued along that same vein of ups and downs until now as I write you in a pocket of spare quiet. Including my daughter choosing the only time my husband had to take a video call (because he decided to work from home even while sick) to discharge her breakfast and lunch in one go. "Please, keep the kiddos quiet." He says. "I have to take this call." He says. Meanwhile I am trying to quietly carry a vomit covered child across the living room without getting the mess on the floor or myself (I was unsuccessful). Why am I sharing this with you? If ever you think that I have it all together, just remember that I am a person just like you. Maybe I can capture some of the day's earlier excitement for more than a breath. Maybe I won't be able to. But either way, the paperback launch still happened, the readers are happy, and the community we are trying to build is growing. Above all, God is in control. Even when I get the contents of my daughter's stomach on my new shirt.

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