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Taking a Bit of a Break

Amy Lynn McConahy

Mar 28, 2022

At least I've been trying too...

I have been TRYING to do minimal work this month and focus on some of the more fun aspects of owning a magazine such as creating Swag and Graphics, Designing Merch, and setting up a Patreon. Yup, if you are reading this, you are the first to know. So far I have buttons all ready, shirts and hats available, and stickers on their way there (the first batch did NOT meet my standards). I am also designing a custom gown to wear to the Realm Makers Conference in July. I know what you are thinking, "But, Amy Lynn, this sounds like work to me." What can I say? I have an itch to create that has to be scratched frequently. If that means I take a month off from paperwork and data entry, so be it.

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