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So Many Good Things

Amy Lynn McConahy

Jan 11, 2022

This is the author who's success moved me forward.

There are so many people supporting the publication of this magazine. The new reviewers that we have added to the team are getting me all sorts of content that I am including as fast as I can. These lovely ladies are SO enjoyable to work with. Along with their new support, we also have those who have given support from the very beginning.

When I first started reviewing books in a longform format, this gentleman Mr. Max B. Sternberg was impossible to ignore in the Christian writing circles. I loved his debut novel and reviewed it as I had with several books previous. What happened after was a God thing. I was running a blog that MAY get 14-20 reads on a post after it had been around for a month. Overnight, Mr. Sternberg's review got 100 reads. People loved my review, including him. That little moment of success gave me the confidence to move forward in a big way...starting a magazine that would feature books like his for readers like me to enjoy. I don't might be a thing or something...we shall see ; D

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