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Realm Makers Conference Diary 7/23/2022

Amy Lynn McConahy

Jul 24, 2022

Getting Loved

Today is the last day of the conference. Though I usually get a sense of sadness at leaving events like these, I instead leave with a sense of accomplishment. I succeeded in what I had attended to do. All the treat bags/swag bags were given away, all the Clean Fiction Author buttons have reached their new homes, and I have successfully talked the ear off of more people than I can count. You may not be able to see my face, but I am smiling right now thinking about all the talking I did. Not because I take some strange glee from dominating a conversation, but because I was wholly and completely myself. I set out with a goal to above all be myself and allow others to judge whether or not to work with me based on who I actually am instead of trying to be some sort of professional shadow of my true self. If I lost my train of thought, I didn't sugar coat it and instead laughed it off and moved on. Thankfully I was not surprised to find that people were understanding of my shortcomings and didn't mind continuing the conversation. There were so many who were interested in knowing more and I have high hopes for a bright future. Realistically I know that these things take time, but I can be assured that the Lord has helped me to lay the groundwork for future success. Thank you, Lord, for a successful conference experience and for being with me every step of the way.

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