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Realm Makers Conference Diary 7/21/2022

Amy Lynn McConahy

Jul 24, 2022

Getting Nervous

I went into the day today as optimistically as I could but quickly found out that I was going to have an attack of nerves. I had everything organized and ready to go down to my outfit and a strategy for actually being able to talk to everyone (as opposed to throwing marketing material at them and running away). The only thing I succeeded in achieving was being awkward and overly talkative (insert facepalm here). *Sigh* My husband was so supportive and stuck by me, but I could tell that I wasn't at my best.

But God is good despite my mess. I may have not been able to talk to many people, but I got new submissions on the website from people at the conference. I may have been a bit intense and talkative, but I received friend requests and emails from potential advertisers anyway.

So why am I sharing my mess-ups with an audience of people that I want to support me? Because throughout this process I have done my absolute best to be as authentic and real of a person as I could be. Why? The marketing world is full of people playing a part, acting a certain way to receive your advertising dollars, and I want to break the mold. I am flawed. I am an imperfect vessel doing her best not to sink. No better than anyone else. Why am I here then? God has given me these gifts and I intend to use them to further His glory by supporting the authors and businesses He has inspired.

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