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Realm Makers Conference Diary 7/20/2022

Amy Lynn McConahy

Jul 24, 2022

Getting There

There is not much to tell about yesterday except that we were REALLY determined to arrive despite the 8-hour drive. I know that many are flying from all over the place and that the drive was not incredibly long, but I must tell you that the traffic around Philadelphia was a harrowing experience. We were stuck behind an old lady, my husband nicknamed her "Marzipan", who at the slightest provocation would slam on her brakes. Someone in front of her stops two car lengths away? Slam. Is someone looking at her funny from an adjacent lane? Slam. There is a slight bump on the road? Slam. Not cool Marzipan. Not cool. We tried to avoid the back of her car like the plague only to free ourselves from her by moving into another lane and finding her "sister" with a "Cat Lives Matter" bumper sticker. Not that I have a problem with cats, I don't. They're cute. But Marzipan's sister had the same psychic breaking problem. Psychic meaning: she could sense when someone would stop and would stop dead...several car lengths away from where she needed to.

Thankfully, aside from driving through Philly the trip was largely uneventful. We did have a few problems with getting lost in the GIANT resort, but nothing that a little walking and signage didn't handle. The view of the ocean and marshlands is beautiful here. We were able to go out on a balcony near the conference space that looked out on all of the little islands that surround this place. It boggles my mind that such a large building could be built amidst such tiny islands. Kudos to the engineers! I can't math enough math to make a building like this work, but obviously, you can!

Anywho, instead of remembering to take a lovely photo of the scenery share I can only give you a text version of a thumbs up and a rather crazy-haired photo of me at sunset courtesy of my husband who did remember to take a picture.

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