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Plugging Along

Amy Lynn McConahy

Jan 20, 2022


I woke yesterday morning to find that more notifications than my phone could display had come in overnight. You would imagine that I would have expected this with as many emails that I had sent out to advertisers and authors over the last week, but you would be wrong. A whole week's worth of contacts coming in at the same time was, in a word, overwhelming. After taking a few breaths and reading a couple chapters of the next book I am reading for review, I dove in to the pile with the digital elegance of a professional. It is now a day later, and with an updated planner, advertiser information sheets organized, and email inboxes at a more reasonable level, I can say that I have come up for air. When it rains it pours, I guess. Hopefully next time it isn't a flood....O_O

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