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My Suspicions Were Correct

Amy Lynn McConahy

Dec 10, 2021

3 Rejected Books in a Row

I was feeling disheartened after getting 1/3 through a book that I suspected was going to be a "no go". The writing was difficult to follow AND after the third instance of the descriptive destruction, I had no choice but to reject it and stop reading. What do I tell the author? Sigh. I hate that. No, I REALLY hate that. I want to support writers. I want to grow the community. I DON'T want to make people feel bad. Figuring out what to tell the author will be hard, but I hope that they take it in their stride. As for the "was" I am sure that you noticed in the first sentence, I am currently reading a science fiction book that, so far, is getting a BIG thumbs up. I am sure our science fiction readers will be happy!

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