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Jumping Around

Amy Lynn McConahy

Jan 26, 2022

Moving from genre to genre like a manic rabbit.

I have always been an eclectic reader. There really isn't a genre that I don't like, and it seems that my propensity for variety is helping me lately. As the head reviewer for the magazine, it is my job to fill in the gaps between the reviewers so that we have a good mixture of genres. Most readers prefer to stick with one or two genres, but making a magazine that should cover everyone means that I have to decide which are the most popular and deliver. For example, I was somewhat disappointed with the lack of Science Fiction in the last edition. I just could not find enough clean books in time for launch. So in the upcoming edition I went all out with finding more Science Fiction books that could be included.

Let's see. In the last couple weeks I have read in Sci Fi, Werewolf, Christian Fantasy, Poetry, High Fantasy, and Pirate genres. Right now I am in the midst of a Mystery genre book, and guess what? I enjoyed them all! And after the Mystery book, who knows where I will end up next?

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