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Amy Lynn McConahy

Dec 18, 2021

So many good books that I don't know how to share.

I have read several books recently from several different authors that have been SO GOOD, but would not fit in the magazine. They walk just on the other side of the line of clean, and it frustrates me because I want a way to share them with others. I will of course leave them nice reviews and such, but they defy being put in a box. Not that necessarily is a bad thing. Sigh. I can't include books that have several descriptions of peoples heads leaving their bodies. Even if the characterization and growth within is well written. I am starting to think that I can't include books with married couples because "clean" writers seem to use this as a chance to let things get really steamy and right to the edge before fading to black. I don't want to be accused of gatekeeping because I really enjoyed these books despite my interpretation of flaws, but I am also starting to think that I may have a harder time stocking a clean magazine for adults than I previously thought.

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