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Done! Done! Done!

Amy Lynn McConahy

Mar 7, 2022

The Spring Edition is Finished!

The sigh of relief has not quite come, but the excitement of having all of the edits and pages complete is pretty exciting. I want to publish the paperback SO BAD! I will be waiting until the 14th to do it officially, but until that paperback is published I am not going to be able to relax. Right now I am adding to the Clean Fiction magazine website. This includes making a place for readers to find the winners and their information, adding to the "Extras" tab, and trying to streamline the mobile version of the site. I LOVE working with Wix because it allows me to design a website the same way I design a magazine page. It is a game changer for sure. Anywho, onward! Feel free to enjoy all the fun things I have for you in the Members Only portion of the website. Maybe I will be able to relax soon...

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