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Covid Took Me Down

Amy Lynn McConahy

Jan 6, 2022

I was down for the count, but now I'm back.

During my convalescence I was able to read several books and novellas that I am happy to say, ALL PASSED TO BE REVIEWED. Finally! I have thought about my previous problems with graphic books with good messages and have decided to include them in a section called "Clean-ish?" without full reviews and with warning labels. The books that I have been buzzing through lately will not fall into this category.

In other news, the reviews from the other reviewers have started to arrive as well as articles I set out to have others make. I would prefer the magazine me a mixture of voices instead of mostly my voice. This hope is coming to fruition one email at a time. I am so excited to share the voices of these lovely ladies AND gentlemen with all of you.

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