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Bone Deep Weariness

Amy Lynn McConahy

Jun 7, 2022

Let's get real.

I have been struggling with a bone deep weariness lately. A combination of a dark spring (I have seasonal affected disorder), 3 months of sickness already this year, and the natural downturn of online involvement that comes with the warmer weather has formed the perfect storm of doldrums. I know that what I am doing helps so many others, but sometimes I worry that I am giving too much. I keep reminding myself that I am doing what the Lord has asked of me, a task that has enabled me to use all of my skills and God given gifts, but sometimes I worry that I am not enough. Why am I sharing something so depressing? Online there are so many that prefer to only show the highlights instead of the whole picture, and when it comes to marketing, showing weakness is taboo. I want to be different. Real. I want you to know the price of publication. Tears. Joy. Uncertainty. Smiles. Disappointment. Not just for me, but for other authors as well. All are part of the purchase price. So before you leave your next negative review or say something unkind offhand, remember the human on the other end of your words.

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