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Another Review Finished

Amy Lynn McConahy

Apr 27, 2022

AND a finished Media Kit!

I have been a busy bee over the past few days. I finished the page layout for another review that I wrote only to realize that the next book I have to review is accidentally by the same author! The books that I decide to read have to do with my mood at the moment. I love all sorts of genres, but lately I have been feeling fantasy. So I went through the TBR Pile and realized that I had already purchased one of the books. Read it and reviewed it, only to realize the next book, a novella, was by the same author. I think I might like her books or something ; D. Anywho, I also finished the Clean Fiction Media Kit and have already sent out a couple of pricing pages to some of my previous contacts. I got a couple of emails back, but I think that they didn't quite READ the information and MAY think that the advertising is still free...sigh. I thought that I was rather clear, but everyone likes free. With all the balls I have in the air right now, I really need some of the advertising money to move forward, but I am not discouraged. God has a plan and I just need to keep moving ahead!

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