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Another Day, Another Review

Amy Lynn McConahy

May 19, 2022

Where I constantly get side tracked by the business of writing.

I have been blazing ahead with reviews and notifying authors. Just a couple of days ago I had the nicest response to an email from the personal assistant to a VERY popular author. This is what she said about my review skills: "I wanted you to know that I really admire how you review books in a non-critical voice. You communicate information that readers need to know but with a slightly humorous tone (like it made you blush or the reader will use both eyebrows while reading the book). A good review covers more than just the book's strengths, but a lot of people come across as critical and condescending when they cover the books weak points. Your reviews are a nice blend of honest and fair. You have a gift and I am glad you are sharing it with others through your magazine!" Can I admit that I MAY have read that over at least a dozen times? If I could emoji here, I would have the "river of tears" emoji in extra large size. Not that people haven't been extra sweet during this process, but this review of my review style is so vindicating. I have always striven to create a positive environment of support for authors. I guess I can now say that I have confirmation of success ; D

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