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A Moment to Catch My Breath

Amy Lynn McConahy

Feb 26, 2022

Time to Recharge

Once I finished the painting for the cover, I was ecstatic and EXTREMELY tired. So I allowed myself a day to rest. Well, that day became three, and you know what? I needed it. I have been going full on for the last 6 weeks because I lost a month and a half of time due to family and sickness. Having to make up that extreme amount of time was near impossible, but the Lord pushed me through. AND I am proud to say that I will make my deadline of Feb. 28th! It was an optimistic deadline due to the setbacks, but everyone who needed to send me things, sent me things on time. The pages are back from the editor and after three days of recharge, I'm ready to use today to finish the final draft! Here I go!

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