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A Duology

Amy Lynn McConahy

Nov 25, 2021

Worth it, but can I share it?

I devoured all 848 combined pages that made up this duology by J. J. Fischer. It was rough. It was raw. It was magnificent to behold, but I knew by the half way mark of the first book that I could not share it in Clean Fiction. Did that stop me reading? Nope. My "stop reading" level on violence is way higher than my "stop reading" level on relationships or language (specifically taking the Lord's name in vain). The struggle to understand God's plan amidst the most difficult of circumstances played out beautifully in this book, and I loved the pacing from beginning to end. Giving time for each new revelation to sink in allowed the book to breathe and allowed the reader to really absorb the lesson before moving on to the next hurtle to overcome. These books are masterfully written with layer upon layer of wisdom and truth. So beautifully broken. A lovely mosaic to behold.

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