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A Bit Crazy

Amy Lynn McConahy

Jun 1, 2022

Why is everything at once?

It has been a bit since I gave an update on here and I decided that it was about time. The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of recovering from the flu, changing over contests, contacting advertisers, and generally connecting with everyone I can. I had one contest ending, another beginning, AND a book release JUST TODAY... I can't imagine why I am a bit stressed out! (That was sarcasm if you missed it.) Plugging along with reviews, I have 5 books ready on my docket waiting for their chance to be written and a serial story sent to the editor. The serial will appear in at least the next 7 magazines which is exciting. Still working toward the future! I have also set up a Clean Fiction Community Day to appear on Discord. I hope that it goes well, but I am not too worried. It was another of those nudge situations that would not let me alone. Do you ever have those? You don't know why you NEED to do the thing, but you know you MUST do the thing. Maybe it is just me. (shrug)

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